All Freeland Film Festival panels are free and open to the public.

Climate Change: What Can We Really Do to Reverse it?

Sat. 11am at Town Square

How conservation, agriculture, business & politics can stop the heat, together.

  • Moderator: Mat Boerson – Owner of local organic Boersen Farms
  • Hon. Claudine Schneider – Former Republican Congresswomen from
    Rhode Island, introduced the Global Warming Prevention Act of 1988
  • Christian Shearer – CEO, REGEN Network & Regenerative Agriculture expert
  • Mike Mitchell – CEO of MCM Group in Beijing, China. Freeland Board Member

Rewarding Goodness: Can the Technology Revolution Help Save the World?

Sat. 1pm at Town Square

Trailblazers in blockchain, crypto-currencies, and volunteerism discuss how tech can address today’s biggest environmental and social challenges.

  • Moderator: Daniel Swid – Coordinator of Earth Pulse
  • Jane Seymour – Actress, Filmmaker, Founder of Open Hearts Foundation
  • Katie Flynn – Filmmaker, Creator of Young Hearts and new Young Hearts App
  • Alan Laubsch – CEO of GenBlue, regenerating earth and economy through natural capital
  • Chris Brown – Former Global Head of IBM’s Safer Borders Program
  • Steve Galster – Founder of Freeland. Using AI and Blockchain to Create Good New Money and Recycle Dirty Old Money.

Human Trafficking Around Us: How to Spot it, and What You Can Do to Help

Sun. 11am at Town Square

How to identify human trafficking and what actions to take to help.

  • Moderator: Hon. Deborah Walker – District Court Judge, Chicago
  • Honorable Virginia M. Kendall – US District Judge of the United States District Court for the North District of Illinois, author of several books on child exploitation
  • Diana Dombrowski – Journalist who authored 2019 Gannett New Agency
    feature story on human trafficking in Wisconsin
  • L. Martin Capuder – Executive Director, Global Trafficking Center, NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Native American Ecosystem Regeneration Models: Lessons for the World

Sun. 1pm at Town Square

How some tribes are expanding their forests in the midst of global deforestation.

  • Moderator: Farhan Umedaly – Award-winning filmmaker
  • Dylan Jennings – Bad River Tribal Council Member of Lake Superior Ojibwe
  • Ritchie Plass – Menominee Native American storyteller & educator

Water: Recovering our Lifeblood

Sun. 2pm at Caestecker Public Library

Discuss the impact and mitigation of climate change on water resources.

  • Moderator: Thomas Eddy – Botanist, adjunct biology professor, co-founder Green Lake Conservancy land trust
  • Paul Gunderson – Green Lake County Land Conservationist
  • Maureen Muldoon – Professor of Geology UW Oshkosh; Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
  • Renee Richer – Assistant Professor, UW Green Bay
  • Daniel Wright – Assistant Professor, UW Madison, College of Engineering

Beyond Social Media: Transforming Public Opinion to Action through Hands-on Experience

Sun. 2:30pm at Town Square

Michael C. Mitchell, Producer of Live Aid and the 1984 Olympics, Board Chairman of Freeland, and CEO of MCM Group will discuss his latest venture, Freeland Nature Camps.