Many of our films will have acoustic music performances beforehand. They will start 20 minutes prior to the screening start. Enjoy while you’re getting a drink and finding your seat. All times listed are when music starts - please respect the musicians and enjoy their music before the film.

Traditional Native American Invocation/Welcome by Paul Cloud, Ho-Chunk Veteran & the Indian Community School Eagle Singers

Sat. 10am at Thrasher Opera House before From Mass to the Mountain Director’s Cut
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Indian Community School Eagle Singers

Sat. 2:10pm at The American Legion before Shorts Program 2 Featuring Chabon
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Sat. 4:10pm at Thrasher Opera House before Liyana
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Sat. 7pm at Youth Interactive Full Performance on the Deacon Mills Bandshell before Soylent Green

Indian Community School’s drum, the “ICS Eagle Singers” consists of 3rd through 8th grade students who practice and learn together, while exhibiting the Sacred Gifts of Bravery, Humility, Love, Honesty, Respect, Truth and Wisdom. The goals of our student drum group are to strengthen and honor our spiritual, moral, emotional, social, artistic and cultural values while celebrating our Native identity with drumming and singing of our traditional songs.
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Mambo Surfers

Sat. 4:10pm at Town Square before Silent Forests
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Sat. 6:40pm at Thrasher Opera House before Centerpiece Film Kifaru
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The Mambo Surfers are a Milwaukee-based band performing all original music. Over their 25 years they’ve produced three albums showcasing influences ranging from blues to polkas, punk to reggae, Indian ragas to Native American and Sufi chants. Fans have compared them to the band Rusted Root. They call their intricate, energizing music World Rhythm Jazz Rock.

The two principals from Mambo Surfers will be performing at the festival. Rojo is of Native American Hochungra descent drawing much of his lyric style from nature. He has been a master luthier for over 35 years. Saji developed his lyricism and sense of melody listening to various types of music growing up in South India and Kuwait. He’s fond of saying he’s actually the real Indian of the two.

Philip Gatewood

Sat. 5:10pm at The American Legion before Shorts Program 3
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Sun. 1:40pm at Thrasher Opera House before Shorts Program 1
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Philip Gatewood is a songwriter, author and retired private detective who lives in Cudahy, Wisconsin. In retirement his performing is relegated to his church choir and rare acoustic cameos.

Stu Marston

Sun. at 6:40pm before Closing Night Film Tigerland
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Stu Marston is a self-taught musician with the ability to be a chameleon in every genre. Born in British Columbia and raised in Wisconsin he was influenced by Elvis, The Beatles, and Hank Williams. Now singer-guitarist of original music and classic rock covers, he plays at local events with his band TuDrunc2Fish.

Richie Plass

Sun. 12:40pm at Town Square before Panel: Native American Ecosystem Regeneration Models: Lessons for the World
(Mr. Plass will also sit on the panel after his performance)

Richie Plass has lectured across the country on “Trails of the Menominee: A Discussion of Native American Diversity”. His sessions include lectures on education, culture, traditions, professional environment and social impact. He speaks to such things as Menominee and general Native American history, past and present Native American issues such as logos and mascots, and Native American lore and performing arts. His multi-faceted background includes an Associate Degree in Architecture, being Director of Tribal Economic Development on the Menominee Reservation, offering diversity training, being a drummer fronting his own bands, acting and is also a published poet.

Billy Dean & Rojo

Sat. 1:40pm at Thrasher Opera House before Ice on Fire
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Sat. 7:10pm at Town Square before Ghost Fleet
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Originally hailing from the uber-rich breeding grounds for musicians in Gainsville, Florida (“I swear it was something in the water!”), Billy Dean toured with the stellar group the Southern Rock All Stars. Now semi-retired in the Green Lake area, he’s joined at the Freeland Film Festival by his friend Rojo of the Mambo Surfers.

Green Lake Noteworthy

Sun. 4:40pm at American Legion before the film Liyana
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High School A Capella Group